Returns Management Services

It’s time-consuming. It’s a pain. And it doesn’t have to be your problem.

We make returns easy for you and your customers, whilst reducing them to begin with using our technology-driven accuracy.

Getting orders out the door is one thing, but having them returned is a whole other logistical game. As online shopping increases, so do the challenges of managing returns. Processing costs, the unpredictability of returns, upholding good customer experience. We get it, no seller wants their items returned. But it’s inevitable, so you want the process to be as simple as possible. After all, your customers are more likely to buy from you again if your returns process is easy.

Our returns management service is streamlined to make it easy and accessible for everyone. Whether you want us to ship return labels with your products or send them digitally, we can manage your returns policy however you like.

We’re also here to try and squash the churn of the return in the first place - making sure more goes out the door than comes back in. With multiple checks and technology-driven accuracy, we reduce mispicks and make sure the right things go to the right people.

Why choose us to handle your returns?

Our level of accuracy reduces returns to begin with

With multiple checks and technology-driven accuracy, we prevent any incorrect or damaged items going out the door in the first place. At the picking stage, our barcode scanners won’t let us pick an item if it’s wrong – helping to reduce mispicks. 

We can send out replacements quickly and efficiently

If a returned product needs replacing, we can handle this quickly and efficiently – ensuring a speedy swap to keep your customers happy.

We make returns easy for your customers

If your returns process is easy, customers are more likely to buy from you again. That’s why we can ship returns labels with your products, or send them digitally where customers can select a reason for their return – producing valuable data. 

Returns can be restocked and relisted

If a customer’s requested a refund rather than a replacement, but their product’s still in good condition, we can repackage it, add it back to your inventory and list it for sale. That way you can refund customers and re-stock products fast. 

Our approach

To ensure returns are handled correctly and benefits everyone, we follow a thorough process so an outcome can be made that fits your returns criteria.

1. Customer returns product

When a customer needs to return an item, they can either arrange a courier to collect the package, or we can provide a physical or digital returns label which they can use when dropping the parcel off at their local post office. 

2. Return delivery is tracked

Once the parcel begins its return journey to our warehouse, you’ll be able to track its progress so you know when it’s successfully made its way back to us. 

3. Return arrives at our warehouse

As a return arrives, it’s scanned back into our system so  both you and the customer know that it’s arrived safely and been moved to the evaluation stage.

4. Condition of return is checked

Once a product’s returned, we run a quality control check to make sure it’s the correct item and it’s in a reasonable condition, so it meets your criteria for returns and refunds.

5. Replacement product is shipped or a refund is issued

Once checked, we can determine whether a product should be repackaged for resale, or returned to you. If need be, we can also handle the waste disposal of your product. Depending on the customer’s request, a replacement product can be sent out from our warehouse or a refund can be processed through the ordering software.

6. Updates on result of return

Once the evaluation is complete, we’ll let you know what was returned, the reason behind it, and an update on the return stock.

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