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Let us do the heavy lifting.

Seeing the orders flooding in? Awesome! Having to spend your weekends staying on top of it all? Not awesome. Let’s fix that.

Seeing your business grow is great, but with it comes the need to outsource some of your services. Physically packing your products and prepping them to be shipped can be time-consuming and, let’s face it, a bit of a headache. The novelty’s worn off and you’re wishing someone else could take it off your hands so you can focus on other areas of your business. Enter Parcel Master.

If you’re sending out a minimum of 10 orders a day (and it’s taking over your life a little), we can help. As an eCommerce fulfilment centre, pick packing is just one of the services we offer for businesses who need some hands-on, scalable support as they grow - saving you the time, money and hassle of doing it yourself.

Made up of skilled and experienced people, our team treats each order as if it’s their own. They’ll hand-pick and package your products with care, accuracy and speed to ensure your orders are shipped on time and your customers are kept happy. Because when the service is as good as the product, you’re on to a winner.

Why use our pick and pack service?

We store all your products for you

If you sell larger items or you’re running out of space to store your products, you’ll need a storage facility (which can be pricey). We eliminate that hurdle by storing all your products in our safe and secure warehouse – giving you your space back.

We store all your products for you

We have relationships with a range of delivery providers who collect from our warehouse multiple times a day, so your orders can be fulfilled as soon as possible – leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

We’re accurate and reliable, every time

We pride ourselves on our unbeatable level of quality. With multiple checks and technology-driven accuracy, we make sure the right things go to the right people on time – taking the stress out of completing orders.

Access to an experienced team

Our hand-picked team has years of experience in fulfilling orders for a range of eCommerce businesses like yours. With us, you know your orders are being processed to the highest standard, without the cost of hiring your own staff or dealing with the headache of inefficient postal services or unpredictable employee sickness.

Our approach

To give you a better idea of how it can work for your business, here’s our process on how we’ll pick, pack and ship your orders efficiently and correctly.

1. Located

Your stock is already organised in a logical, easy-to-find layout, which means locating your stock is a doddle. Using handheld barcode scanners, our team is directed to a start location.

2. Picked

At the packing stage, we scan the item again to confirm it matches the order. We’ll then confirm how many items are in the order and decide which type of packaging should be used (box, packet or carton). This way we can select the most cost-effective and secure method, dependent on the size and fragility of the order.

3. Packed

We pick the item and check it’s correct. Our scanners won’t let us pick an item if it’s wrong – helping to reduce mispicks and maintain a high level of accuracy. It’s then handed over to our packing department.

4. Shipped

Once the order’s been packed, the distribution information and shipping labels are added so it’s ready to leave the warehouse. We have regular pickups from a number of couriers, meaning we can offer fast dispatch and delivery for you and your customers.

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