Warehousing and Storage

No space for stock? No problem.

Storage doesn’t have to cost the earth. Only pay for the space you use and benefit from real-time stock visibility.

As your business grows, so does your stock. And then you have to start thinking about where to store your products and packaging. Renting storage space can get real expensive real quick - having to factor in things like rent, business rates, heating, lighting, warehouse management software and fitting it out. You’re doing what you do to make money, not lose it all in storage costs. That’s where we come in.

We remove all the hassle and offer a more affordable solution by only charging you for the space you use. With 12,500 sq ft’s worth of space in our fulfilment warehouse, we can provide a happy home for your stock in a secure area that’s monitored, organised and free from anything that might damage your products.

We’ll check and log your stock as it comes in, making sure everything’s accounted for and still in perfect condition. You can then keep up to date on your stock levels using our cloud-based software, so you know what you’ve got at the touch of a button.

Why store your goods with us?

Only pay for the space you use

We’ve got 12,500 sq ft’s worth of space in our warehouse, but you only have to pay for the space you use. We’ll measure your products to see exactly how much space they take up and charge you accordingly.

Real-time stock visibility

See where your stock is and what you’ve got left with our cloud-based order fulfilment software. When your goods arrive, each item is barcoded and logged in our system, as well as your store’s inventory. So you can check what you’ve got and what needs topping up without leaving the office.

Robust and organised shelving

Our warehouse is highly organised with robust, heavy-duty shelving – allowing for fast, easy and correct picking of your orders. We also prioritise a tidy warehouse so your products are kept in perfect condition and our team can pick without obstacles.

Reinforced security

To protect your stock and give you peace of mind, we have reinforced security inside and outside our warehouse – including a palisade fence around our site, CCTV, roller shutters and a monitored alarm system that triggers a police call-out.

Our approach

We have a thorough and organised process when dealing with new stock arriving at our warehouse to make sure your products are in pristine condition, as well as logged and stored correctly.

1. Tell us when your goods are expected to arrive

When you’re ready for Parcel Master to store your products, you’ll need to give us the head’s up that you or your supplier has sent the products, so we can make sure they’re organised correctly when they arrive and that all the stock is there.

2. Goods arrive and checked

When your stock arrives, our team will check the condition to make sure that every product is in a sellable condition and hasn’t been damaged in transit.

3. Everything’s logged and barcoded

Every product is then barcoded so its location in the warehouse is logged into our system, as well as added to our stock and your store’s inventory.

4. Stored in our warehouse

Your products are then added to our organised warehouse where they’re freely available to be picked, packed and shipped when your orders come in.

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