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Internet Gardener is home to one of the biggest online selections of garden furniture in the UK. Partnering with some of the UK’s leading brands, they offer an extensive range of exclusive rattan furniture, Konstsmide lighting and garden machinery. Originally established as a family-run company in 2006, they’ve grown to become one of the most trusted and highly-accredited garden furniture retailers - having won the Online Retail Awards in 2016, as well as an award for Retail Excellence in 2018.

The challenge

Order fulfilment became too much hassle for a large-scale multi-channel business to run.

Online selling isn’t anything new to Internet Gardener. With two reputable awards under their belt, they’ve had a strong online presence for years.

Having branched out from selling solely on their site to becoming a large, multi-channel business now selling on eBay and Amazon, they were able to target a wider audience, achieve more brand awareness and gain more sales to ultimately scale their business. But with their fast growth came typical eCommerce growing pains.

The fulfilment side of things became a much bigger headache for Internet Gardener and left them feeling like they were running two companies.

‘All the time we spent looking after the fulfilment side of things massively impacted other high-level areas of our business. It was such a distraction. We just reached a point where we didn’t want the hassle on a day-to-day basis anymore.’ – Internet Gardener

As well as their own warehouse, they were paying for additional storage to house all their extra stock. Of course, rates were costly and their stock was split in two, which sometimes delayed orders that included items from each warehouse.

Having to cover the cost of hiring warehouse staff and dealing with unreliable postal services or unpredictable employee sickness added to the distraction – which led to a lack of focus in accelerating their growth.

Like most eCommerce businesses, they were regularly firefighting and left somewhat stunted, which also comes with lost opportunity cost from a lack of focus on marketing.

They wanted to unburden themselves and partner with someone who was able to match their customer expectations with their fulfilment as they scaled.

Already using an ERP (Brightpearl), they craved the support of a 3PL with the expertise and resources to manage it all for them. And whilst it may cost more to use a 3PL, they wanted to get back to doing what they do best – garden furniture – and let a 3PL do what they do best – fulfilment. That’s when they turned to Parcel Master.

The solution

Take advantage of the services and existing infrastructure of a scalable 3PL.

Internet Gardener chose to implement all of our flexible multi-channel order fulfilment services into their business, including pick and packing, warehouse storage and returns management. 

Within weeks, their operations became much more streamlined and efficient. Having access to a team that could be agile and ramp-up during busier periods, or shrink down during quieter periods, meant they could offer an even better customer experience. And when it came to price, they only paid for what they used – proving to be a more cost-effective solution.

‘Working with Parcel Master was the best move we’ve ever made. They offered sound, reliable solutions to our business needs and completely eliminated the stress and pressure of fulfilment. We’re so glad to just shut the door on it and know it’s in the hands of experts.’ – Internet Gardener

We were able to provide a more efficient pick and packing service and faster shipping times at discounted rates, which resulted in a more cost-effective solution for Internet Gardener and a faster delivery service for the customer.

Orders were more accurate and prioritised, whilst inventory was more visible and free from potential cross-channel overselling errors – ensuring there was constant communication between the front-end and back-end of the business.

Scalability was also an important factor for Internet Gardener, and because we’re able to scale with their business, it reduced the need for them to move 3PLs down the line.

Of course, we’re not the biggest fulfilment centre out there – and there may come a point where they’ll outgrow us – but we’ve minimised this from the beginning by investing in a solid infrastructure that allows us to support them with ease and flexibility.

We’re able to scale their operation in the UK – with the potential to ship to nearby international countries without the need for extra distribution centres – making us the perfect fit for them both now and in the future.

The success

More time to focus on brand development and business growth.

The biggest takeaway for Internet Gardener was no longer having to deal with the day-to-day hassle and admin of fulfilment.

We helped them feel like they were running just one business again and reclaim valuable time and focus. Before, fulfilment was a major distraction. Now, management can focus on how to grow the business even more and turn their attention back to Sales and Marketing KPIs.

Now partnering with a scalable 3PL, there’s no need for them to reinvest in a new fulfilment infrastructure – which also meant they no longer needed to pay for the extra warehouse. Instead, they benefit from a much smoother, more efficient, ‘we’ll support you as you grow’ approach to getting their goods out the door.

And since working with us, customers are repeatedly highlighting the speedy delivery and turnaround time with their orders:

‘Ordered wellies from the website, arrived promptly, good communication regarding delivery and very happy with them!’ – Simon Little

‘Excellent and very prompt next day delivery and high quality product.’ – Anthony Grove

‘Great products, easy to order, quick efficient communication and delivery.’ – Julian

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