Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Services For UK Startups 

A startup eCommerce business often requires a lot of late nights and long weekends of processing and fulfilling orders. This gets harder to maintain as the sleepless nights build up and the business begins to grow, adding more unfulfilled orders to the pile. 

Fulfilment services for startups have begun to rapidly appear worldwide and they’re third-party services that aim to handle the picking, packing and postage of goods on behalf of small eCommerce businesses. Outsourcing the fulfilment of your products from eCommerce fulfilment services allows the business to cut costs, gain back valuable time, ensure faster processing time for customers and consequently scale up the business faster.

When choosing the most ideal and efficient fulfilment service for your business it is important to keep in mind certain factors and criteria. To make the best use of eCommerce fulfilment services for startups it is important to note whether your business has an established website that has been running consistently for over 6 months with an average volume of 10 orders daily. 

Exceeding a volume of 10 orders per day usually signifies the business is effectively growing and this is the defining moment where you should decide to outsource the packaging and shipping process or perhaps hire additional employees to help with the picking, packing and postage. 

Fulfilment services for small businesses manage all sold stock in their warehouse facilities which is particularly helpful as you will no longer have an office full of products or a costly storage facility where you store your stock.

Making the best choice for your business includes meticulously weighing up all the options before making the informed decision. We have ranked the pros and cons of the 6 best eCommerce fulfilment services for startups so you can actively assess which one fits your business’s budget, order volume, needs, future ambitions and even the handling of returns and next day deliveries.

The Best eCommerce Order Fulfilment Services for UK Startups:

Parcel Master

• Hubbo

• James & James

• myWarehouse

• Core Fulfilment

• Shipbob

Parcel Master

When exploring the best eCommerce fulfilment services for startups in the UK, it’s only right that we start with our dedicated team here in Nottingham who may not be the biggest providers of fulfilment services, but they are absolutely focused on helping small businesses thrive and develop. 

As a small business ourselves, we understand the growing pains, rising costs and competitive nature of consumer culture when starting up. Our expert knowledge gives us the opportunity to help you overcome these struggles. Outsourcing your fulfilment process to us, opens up the door for you to work on other aspects of your business such as developing new products, updating websites and providing a bigger social presence for your customers. 

Our skilful team makes sure your products are handled and stored with care in our 12,500sq ft warehouse and when they are ready to be picked and packed, it is done with precision to make sure all orders are accurate. We then handle the delivery and any returns, making sure to treat your customers as our own in the process to make sure they keep returning and therefore help your business scale faster. 

We share your vision for your business and we make sure to provide you with everything you may need. If there is anything you cannot find on our website or any special requirements your business needs, then just let us know. We are more than happy to expand our services and create the perfect fit for you. Just send our team an email or request a quote on our website.


Choosing Parcel Master as your fulfilment service provider offers you a range of benefits. We specialise in helping small businesses and startups which means our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is only 10 orders per day. 

When your business is still growing, your order volume may not be consistent or high enough to outsource your fulfilment to bigger companies as they often hold a larger minimum order quantity. 

We ship over 10,000 parcels every month on behalf of our clients, and whether you have 20 or 5000, we are happy to take you on board and nurture your business to help you achieve your goals. 

Our team at Parcel Master prides themselves on their constant and efficient communication, we are here for any query, big or small or any problems you encounter as we are always looking to improve the experience for our customers. 

As mentioned in the above, we are completely flexible,this is due to our company being rather small compared to competitors, which gives us more time to focus on each individual client’s needs and wants. 

If you are looking for a particular service or wanting to ship something we haven’t previously mentioned, then we are willing to expand and create that space and service for you. 

Our service is not only flexible but honestly priced, making sure there are no hidden fees and surprises and we only charge you for the space you use, not the whole warehouse. 

Here at Parcel Master we understand that when looking for eCommerce fulfilment services, integration is super important. With us you can merge multiple marketplaces, shopping carts and inventories to keep everything in one place and easy to manage. 

Our long list of integrations includes Ebay, Shopify and Linnworks. Our cloud-based software is also included and gives you an insight on when products arrive and the stock volume of your items in real-time. 

Our warehouse staff work hard to keep your stock in great condition and safe but we cannot be there 24/7 which is why we have a palisade fence around our site, CCTV, shutters and an alarm that instantly informs the police when it is triggered. With unbeatable quality checks and maximum security, we do our absolute best to get your products to your customers in the best condition.


After showcasing the benefits of our company, it is only fair that we disclose our setbacks so you can make an informed decision on whether we are the right fit for your company.

An obvious setback is that we don’t advertise our prices on our website, instead we ask for you to request a quote. This can be time consuming when you are trying to research fulfilment services for startups. Although we do this so we can give you an in depth detailed breakdown of costs, we understand this is something that can turn companies away. 

As mentioned previously, we are flexible and open to working within your requirements but this does not mean we can store and ship absolutely everything, there are some things we will have to turn down due to our warehouse requirements. Anything we do accept may also have to be charged accordingly, whereas other fulfilment services may have experience with your item and be able to offer a lower charge or subscriptions.


Specialise in providing fulfilment services for startups

Low MOQ (10 orders per day)

Constant communication with our team

We are flexible to fit your business needs

Honestly priced with no hidden fees

Only pay for the space you use

• Integration with marketplaces, shopping carts and inventories (Ebay, Shopify, Linnworks)

• Cloud-based software that provides real-time inventory updates 

• Maximum security warehouse (palisade fence, CCTV, shutters and alarm that triggers a response from the police)


Our prices are not readily available to view on our website

Our flexibility will have limits depending on what the product is

Less experience than bigger fulfilment companies


Hubbo is a Bristol based fulfilment company that was founded in 2017 by CEO Martin Bysh and CTO Paul Dodd. The aim of the business from the get go is to provide advanced help to startups in the form of allocating warehouse space, picking products, packing and shipping to customers on their behalf. 

While Huboo has only been in business for just over 5 years, the company has built up an established and satisfied client base with over 1000 businesses choosing to use Huboo’s fulfilment services. The company shows no signs of slowing down and in the last year alone the company has welcomed 499 new clients and shipped over 5 millions products with a 99.9% accuracy rate.


Huboo offers a range of benefits such as late cut-off times from 2:30pm for standard orders and 4:30pm for prime orders. The company also waives a storage fee for your first two months to help you ease into the process of handing over product management to a third party company without also having to stress or worry about payment. Once the two months have passed, Huboo then charges you the rate that best applies to your business depending on the order volume. 

They provide transparent pricing on their website with subscriptions options offered as low as £25 a month for up to 300 packages. Joining Huboo includes free integration and no set-up fees, making the process easy and seamless. 

The main difference between Huboo and other eCommerce fulfilment services for startups is that they include a cloud dashboard for each client so you can oversee your product stock and daily costs so you can always keep track and not be overwhelmed with unexpected fees. 

The dashboard also connects you to an in-house hub manager who is available to contact throughout the day and their only job is to manage and oversee your stock so their full focus is on your business.


While there are a great deal of benefits at Huboo, there are also some setbacks which should be considered before deciding whether the company would be the best in helping to scale your business, keep customers happy and handle your stock. 

Huboo provides fulfilment services for startups and established businesses, however the company does not ship heavy items such as home furniture. They also do not handle frozen and chilled goods. This is something to take into consideration if your business specialises in these items or you have a small amount of products that match the description. If they are your best sellers, then partnering with Huboo would not likely help your business scale as you would be losing customers. 

Another downside to Huboo is that they require a minimum of 150 orders per month and if the MOQ is not met then they issue a minimum order invoice. This is not ideal if your business is fairly new and not reaching more than 5 sales per day, while they do offer a grace period for this fee, it is only worthwhile if the business is showing fast growth rates.

To decide whether Huboo’s eCommerce fulfilment services meet your requirements, we have summarised the pro’s and con’s below to help make the decision process faster and easier for you.


• Late cut-off times (2:30pm for standard orders and 4:30pm for prime orders)

• Two months free storage 

• Transparent prices listed on their website 

• Cloud dashboard 

• Direct contact with hub manager 

• 99.9% accuracy rate


• Don’t ship heavy or bulky items 

• Don’t ship frozen or chilled goods

• Minimum of 150 orders per month (or they charge a minimum order fee)

James & James

James and James fulfilment is uniquely named after its founders, you guessed it, James and James! The company was launched in 2010 in order to fill a gap within eCommerce fulfilment services for startups and businesses looking to scale efficiently. 

Their mission is expressed on their website and states they wish ‘To challenge the industry, create change for the better and deliver 100 million orders to happy customers’. Together James and James both decided that to achieve this, there needed to be a digital platform in which clients and customers could access live updates for picking, packing, posting and even returns. 

Their cloud-based ControlPort perfectly captures this and allows their clients the freedom to focus on scaling their business without having to worry or chase for updates on their stock.


James and James provide eCommerce fulfilment services for small businesses who are looking to scale up and they ensure that there are many benefits for choosing them. 

The company handles all your stock securely making sure it is stored in controlled warehouses specific to individual product needs. They also take full responsibility in picking, packing and shipping your products and even handling returns. 

The company currently works with and ships a variety of products from health and beauty to food and drink. If your business specialises in luxury items then the team at James and James offers maximum security to give you peace of mind. 

The cloud-based ControlPort allows you access to live updates surrounding stock and order volume and they offer the option of merging multiple eCommerce businesses into one dashboard so you can easily manage multiple businesses from one screen.

The ControlPort keeps your customers satisfied as they can view live tracking for their orders throughout the whole picking, packing and shipping process. Customers can also access ViewPort which makes returns simple and easy as it provides them with a shipping label and any information needed for the return. 

The main benefits of partnering with James and James is their 99.9% accuracy rating and their quick turnaround time with around 98% of orders being shipped the same day.


While James and James hold a great deal of benefits within their company, there are also some setbacks that will affect certain businesses and should be taken into consideration before choosing their eCommerce fulfilment services.

If your business is fairly new and not receiving over 300 orders per month then James and James would not be the best choice as they prefer to work with businesses who earn anywhere from 300 to 1000+ orders per month. If you aren’t reaching 300 orders per month then the services provided by James and James would not be worthwhile and would be a costly mistake.

The company does not have a wide network of fulfilment centres compared to bigger fulfilment companies and therefore reduces the opportunity for your business to expand and scale worldwide. 

On their website they state that their fulfilment operations are optimised for small, light consumer goods which means if your business is looking to outsource its picking, packing and shipping of large, heavy items then James and James may not be the best choice. 

Something regarding James and James that sticks out as a setback is that they don’t have transparent pricing on their website, instead you will have to enquire to find out, making the process tedious.


• Handle returns efficiently with ViewPort

• Experience working with health and beauty and food and drink products 

• Luxury items are protected with maximum security 

• ControlPort gives live updates to businesses and customers, shows inventory, order volume and offers the option to merge multiple business sites


• Not suitable/worthwhile for business who aren’t reaching 300+ orders per month 

• Optimised for small, light consumer goods not larger items 

• Non-transparent pricing options listed on the website

• Small network of fulfilment centres which limits the opportunity to expand/scale worldwide


myWarehouse was designed and launched in 2009 in order to provide what they described as a ‘affordable, reliable, pay as you go fulfilment service specially for online sellers who were being ignored by the fulfilment industry’.

The company’s main aim was to deliver eCommerce fulfilment services for startups and businesses who did not reach the minimum order quantity for other eCommerce fulfilment services. 

Since 2009, the company has grown and developed with over 900 clients under their belt. They relieve their clients of excessive stress by handling the complete fulfilment process for them. From storing the products, keeping track of inventory, picking, packing and shipping, myWarehouse takes care of every little task and detail.

Their website states that they believe this is something that gives their clients the freedom and opportunity to work on building the business in other ways such as website development, online presence building and development planning for the future. Helping their clients scale at an exceptional rate that wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t outsource their fulfilment to myWarehouse.

It does raise the question as to what separates myWarehouse from other fulfilment providers, this will be explored further in the benefits section below.


One of the many benefits of choosing myWarehouse is that the company is solely based around providing specialised fulfilment services for small businesses. They do this through their pay as you go service which they designed with startups in mind. 

The pay as you go system means their clients only pay fees when an item is sold and shipped. There is no recurring monthly cost, lengthy contract or setup fees included when deciding to join myWarehouse. 

The company ensures that they don’t hold a minimum order quantity per month and even if you only sell one item per month, they are still able to help you with that. Most companies require an order volume that is greater than 150, which often excludes smaller and newer businesses from outsourcing their fulfilment.

On their website you will find that they boast a high accuracy rating which they credit to their system of scanning each and every product barcode when it enters their warehouse and following a strict process when picking, packing and shipping orders. 

This efficient system also means that any orders they receive by 3pm are dispatched the very same day, giving you a fast, affordable and trustworthy option for small businesses and startups.


While the pay as you go system allows you only pay when a product is ordered or shipped, the price can easily add up. 

The picking and packing of each order is priced at £2.61, with each additional item in the order costing £0.42 and shipping starting at £0.75. This does not include the £0.10 they charge for each item they scan into the warehouse and the £0.48 that is charged per cubic foot of storage. 

These prices may be intriguing if your business doesn’t receive a high volume of orders, but if you are exceeding a certain amount each month it may be better to get a monthly subscription with another company so you aren’t having to fork out individual costs everytime a customer orders something. 

Another thing to take into consideration is that myWarehouse does not handle hazardous, long (over 1 metre) or heavy items (over 25kg) and similarly they do not work with products such as alcohol or furniture (unless it is flat packed and weighs less than 25kg). 

Although there are no hidden fees to worry about, there is also no account management service available to completely keep track of your products and fees.


• Efficient pay as you go system which means you only pay when an item is sold and shipped 

• No recurring monthly cost

• No contract

• No setup fees

• No minimum order quantity per month 

• Orders received by 3pm are dispatched the same day


• Prices can add up if you are receiving a high volume of orders 

• Don’t handle hazardous, long (over 1 metre) or heavy (over 25kg) items 

• Don’t handle alcohol 

• Don’t handle furniture (unless it is flat packed and under 25kg)

• No account management services available

Core Fulfilment

Core Fulfilment was created in 2014 by co-founders Paul Burns and Jeremy Vernon. Their aim was to stand apart from other eCommerce fulfilment services for startups and deliver what they describe as the ‘highest level of service, regardless of order volume’. 

Since 2014, the company has grown exceptionally, with constant developments to better the experience for their clients and their client’s customers. They proudly express that any financial increase they achieved has always been redistributed into improving their storing, picking, packing and shipping fulfilment process. 

Exploring Core Fulfilment’s website shows their core values and promises to the businesses that decide to use their eCommerce fulfilment services. They promise to ‘delight customers’, ‘build trust’, be ‘open and honest’, ‘take accountability’ and have complete ‘commitment’ to fulfilling these promises for customers. 

This is a good sign that the company holds considerate core values and consistently strives to improve the fulfilment process and the relationship between the company and the businesses that choose to work with them.


Alongside their core values and promises, Core Fulfilment has a range of benefits if you decide to outsource your fulfilment operations to them. The company operates with a cloud-based system that gives you 24/7 access to your inventory, order volume, order tracking and it updates in real time to make sure you are never in the dark about anything. 

The cloud-based system can be accessed from a number of different logins and at any time, from any device, so you can view this information regardless of where you are, whether you’re sitting in the office or on a sunny beach far away.  Multiple logins means you can also give access to members of your team. 

Core Fulfilment understands that many eCommerce businesses have multiple channels on which they sell their products. This is why they offer multi-channel order management and inventory synching, so everything can be in one place and it will be easier to track and manage. 

A typical benefit that is often searched for when looking for the best eCommerce fulfilment services for startups is that they should offer a late cut-off, giving their clients a longer opportunity for daily orders, making them more appealing to customers and giving customers a fast and stress free experience. 

Core Fulfilment has a late cut-off time of 10pm if you wish to use Hermes delivery services or 8pm for Royal Mail delivery. They also process, pick, pack and ship orders on the weekend, giving your customers a dedicated and effective service. 

They offer a 30-day rolling contract so you can feel at ease and cancel anytime. Their pricing is transparent and when visiting their website you will find a pricing calculator where you can enter your exact order volume and information to get an estimate of month costs or you can request a detailed quote to be sent by email.

If you are selling cosmetics, clothing or food, Core Fulfilment is already experienced with these items and has optimised their process for these products


While Core Fulfilment do advertise that they are open to working with startups and businesses of all sizes, they unfortunately do hold a minimum order volume. There is a set charge in place for the price of processing 250 orders which they expect to be paid, regardless of whether you reach 250 orders each month. 

This is an important factor to consider when choosing which company to outsource your fulfilment to. If your business currently does not reach over 250 orders per month consistently or your business is fairly new and you are unsure about order volumes, it may work out cheaper to use a pay as you go system/lower MOQ elsewhere.

The company also does not handle larger, heavier products such as home furniture or anything larger than a standard large box and heavier than 25kg. Within this product restriction is also any alcohol based products as they do not hold a licence for distributing any alcoholic items.

It is important to note that Core Fulfilment is open to discussing individual business needs with potential clients but if they are optimised in a section that is the complete opposite of your business and products then it may be better to just find a company that specialises in your area.


• Cloud-based system gives you 24/7 access to inventory, order volume and tracking

• Multiple logins available on the cloud-based system 

• Multi-channel integration 

• Late cut-off time and same day despatch (10pm with Hermes and 8pm with Royal Mail)

• Weekend processing and shipping 

• 30-day rolling contract 

• Transparent pricing and instant quote with pricing calculator 

• Experienced with cosmetics, clothing and food


• Minimum order volume of 250 applies 

• Do not handle large items 

• Do not handle heavy items such as furniture (over 25kg)

• Do no handle alcohol based products


ShipBob is a US based company that was founded in 2014 by Dhruv Saxena and Divey Gulati. Since its start in 2014 out of Saxena’s Chicago apartment, the company has gained an abundance of clients, improved their tech and optimised their fulfilment processes while also expanding their services worldwide. 

The company has gone on to become one of the fastest growing tech companies in America. They understand that eCommerce fulfilment services need to continuously improve and grow in order to keep up with the competitive market within the fulfilment industry. 

ShipBob handles the storage of your items in quality controlled warehouses, they pick, pack and ship orders to customers and even handle returns if needed. 

With the fulfilment of your business taken care of, ShipBob encourages you to focus on taking your business to new heights, with website development and making plans for future projects and helping the business expand.

ShipBob provides great eCommerce fulfilment services for startups in the UK in particular due to their focus on small and mid-sized businesses and helping companies in the United Kingdom expand to America


ShipBob is based in the US which means a percentage of their warehouses are based all around America. 

This is particularly beneficial for businesses and startups in the UK because it means if you choose to work with ShipBob, they have programmes in place to help you start selling your products overseas without having to worry about import fees, customs fees, shipping costs and long delivery times.

They take care of everything, all you have to do is get your stock sent out to them and then you can start establishing a customer base in America and expanding your business. 

America is often favoured in consumer culture but ShipBob owns over 30 fulfilment centres across 6 countries, giving you an endless amount of opportunities and possibilities. 

Another benefit of using ShipBob is that they have built in integration with marketplaces and platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon, meaning you can easily create a merge between orders, inventory and data. 

ShipBob uses plain packaging for all orders, but they do have a service available for customization, giving your business an established feel. 

The company holds a 99.95% accuracy rate across all orders which is extremely impressive considering they have partnered with over 5000 eCommerce businesses. 

Two of the biggest benefits when choosing ShipBob is they offer a 2-day express shipping and inventory management.


ShipBob offers many intriguing benefits but it is worthwhile to look into the possible setbacks it can have on your business to decide whether it is the right fit or not. 

The first thing to mention is that the price is something that has to be requested through email as it is not readily available on the website. Although, there is a price calculator on the ShipBob website but this isn’t 100% accurate and you may find extra charges added when you request a secured payment quote.

Another potential setback with ShipBob is that they don’t handle any products that require freezing or refrigeration. This is something that should be considered if your main products require this type of service. 

An important factor when looking into fulfilment services for startups is to check if they hold a MOQ (minimum order quantity). While ShipBob does not hold a MOQ, it can be beneficial to enquire into monthly costs as sometimes these can add up and eat into any profit, this is harder to do when they require you to email them for detailed quotes.


• Warehouses all around America so UK eCommerce startups can expand overseas without skyhigh import fees, customs fees, shipping fees and long delivery times

• They own over 30 fulfilment centres across 6 countries

• Built in integration with marketplaces and platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce)

• Custom packaging available 

• 99.95% accuracy rating 

• Worked with over 5000 eCommerce businesses 

• 2-day express shipping available 

• Inventory management


• Price available upon request, not readily available

• Do not handle products that need refrigeration

• Do not handle products that need freezing

• Have a 4 sales to one SKU rule

Your Next Steps

Now that we have discussed the six best eCommerce order fulfilment services for startups in the UK and all their benefits, setbacks and company values, it is your decision to weigh up which one is the perfect fit for your company. 

Whether you are looking for late cut-off times with Huboo or Core Fulfilment or you are interested in cloud-based software that shows you live updates with James and James. 

Humbly, we must mention that Parcel Master includes all the best benefits from each company without any major setbacks. We offer integrations, cloud-based software for inventory updates, low minimum order quantity and an abundance of flexibility and security, making us a great choice for startups and small businesses in the UK who are looking to outsource their fulfilment processes.