Alternatives to myWarehouse

Owning your own business can be time consuming and both physically and emotionally draining. In short, all the pressure is on you as you are solely responsible for every little thing that goes into having a business. 

This includes things such as designing products, dealing with manufacturers, order fulfilment and customer service. 

Hiring people to help you with each of these sections isn’t always budget friendly for all businesses. However, it is a smart decision to outsource the most time consuming section which i’m sure you agree is order fulfilment.

Order fulfilment includes the picking, packing and shipping of each of your customers orders. You may believe that doing this yourself saves you money but it costs you valuable time. 

myWarehouse is a popular company in the eCommerce fulfilment industry. Below we explore their services and also provide alternatives to myWarehouse.

What is myWarehouse

When looking for an order fulfilment service to outsource your process to, you are bound to have come across the popular company myWarehouse. Launched in 2009, they have been in the industry for over a decade. 

Does this make them a safe option? Sure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best option for you. It is important to weigh up their services in comparison to other companies to assess if they are the right fit for your business.

Benefits of myWarehouse

myWarehouse offers a range of unique benefits within their service.

The number one benefit that sets apart myWarehouse to its competitors is the ‘pay as you go’ system. This essentially means that they individually charge you for each order that they process rather than a fixed monthly payment. 

myWarehouse is a business that was setup with eCommerce startups in mind, which is why they hold no minimum order quantity each month. 

Their unloading process includes barcoding and scanning each item that enters their warehouse. This ensures a high accuracy rating for your customers. 

Due to each item going through this process, it also ensures damaged products are discarded rather than wrongfully sent out.

myWarehouse also promises that all orders received by 3pm, will be dispatched the same day. This provides your customers with a fast and efficient order fulfilment process.

Setbacks of myWarehouse

Benefits can only do so much for your business. This is why you have to weigh the pros and cons of each fulfilment company before you decide to outsource your process to them. 

While myWarehouse’s pay as you go system seems to be inviting, inclusive and affordable. Your bill can quickly add up and you may not even notice this straight away due to small payments being taken every day. 

This system is ideal for businesses who perhaps sell under 50 orders each month. If you are looking to scale your business then you may like to search for myWarehouse alternatives.

With myWarehouse, as your business grows, so do your payments. Paying for each item on a pay as you go basis is not budget friendly once you reach a steady growth rate of orders each month. 

Another setback is that the company does not handle long (over 1 metre) or heavy (over 25kg) items. They also do not hold the required licence to handle products such as alcohol. 

Many eCommerce fulfilment competitors to myWarehouse offer account management to their clients. This allows them to track products, fees and access an overview of how their stock is stored and managed. This is not something that myWarehouse can provide.

Best Alternative to myWarehouse

Parcel Master

To state our services are one of the best alternatives to myWarehouse is extremely bold. This is why we would like to take this opportunity to explain who we are and what we can provide your business with. 

Based in Nottingham, our team operates within our 12,500 sq ft warehouse. This is where the skilled team handles the picking and packing of all customer orders. 

The team ensures the secure packaging of each order and a fast shipping process. We even take care of any returns.

Our journey started when we began running our own eCommerce businesses and successfully managed to scale them. Once we realised we had a winning order fulfilment process we decided to use our experience and knowledge to help others.

Targeted for small businesses and startups, our services are adorable, fast and simple.

Why is Parcel Master a better alternative to myWarehouse

myWarehouse launched their business with the aim to help small businesses, which is exactly the same as our mission here at Parcel Master. However, our services and benefits vary in quite drastic ways. 

To summarise why Parcel Master is one of the best eCommerce fulfilment alternatives to myWarehouse, we have listed a few reasons below.

At Parcel Master We Provide:

Our prices are created with small business in mind whereas myWarehouse provides small individual prices to appear affordable but this often adds up quickly

We may not have a decade in the industry but we ship over 10,000 parcels each month, showing our services and processes work

We have experience running our own successful eCommerce businesses

Our company is smaller than myWarehouse, giving us the ability to provide individual care to customers and extensive quality control checks for each order

Open line of communication available with our team

100% flexibility as we are open to discuss your requirements and expand our services accordingly

Cloud based software with real-time updates

Benefits at Parcel Master

Now that you have explored and overview of how our services at Parcel Master are great alternatives to myWarehouse, we would like to give you a more detailed look at what we can offer you. 

Just like myWarehouse, we do not hold a minimum order quantity. This means that even if you only sell 10 orders a day, our team will still pick, pack and ship those orders.

It may seem unreasonable to pay for this service if your order volume is low. However, at Parcel Master we believe this gives you the freedom to focus on developing your business while still providing your customers with a fast order process. 

As mentioned above, our team ships around 10,000 parcels each month. This, alongside our personal eCommerce business experience has allowed us to develop a tried and true method for order fulfilment. 

Parcel Master is a small business, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Due to our size, we are able to provide dedicated individual care to each of our clients. For us, no query is too big or small, we are open to helping you in any way we can.

As one of the eCommerce fulfilment competitors to myWarehouse, at Parcel Master we understand how important it is to stay flexible. Unlike myWarehouse, nothing is off limits, regardless of size and weight. We are always looking to expand our services in favour of our clients’ needs

Some important benefits we offer that are alternatives to myWarehouse would be our wide range of integrations available, our cloud-based software and the fact we promise to have no hidden fees.

We understand that the safety of your stock is something that you can worry about when outsourcing your fulfilment. This is why we offer maximum security at our warehouse with a palisade fence, CCTV and a police trigger alarm.

Next Steps

After actively looking for alternatives to myWarehouse, we hope this article has given you some clarity. They present themselves as a business that caters to startups in comparison to eCommerce fulfilment competitors to myWarehouse. 

However, while assessing their services in comparison to ours here at Parcel Master, it is clear that we offer a more startup friendly process. 

This can be seen within our flexibility, customer service availability and cloud-based software.